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Our story

Every great narrative deserves an origin story. So, here’s ours…

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A quick history lesson…

Buzz Education is all about fresh ideas and innovative solutions.

But please don’t think that means we’re new kids on the block. In fact, we’ve been successfully marketing to schools for over 20 years as School Mailings.

School Mailings’ roots have always been firmly in education.

We were founded by a former senior teacher with a profound working knowledge of how schools operate.

It was Michael’s deep understanding of teachers and education that gave him an unrivalled edge in the early days.

And his passion and expertise were quickly rewarded as more and more clients trusted him to run their marketing to schools campaigns.

"Buzz Education provided invaluable advice. As former teachers they speak the language and understand what schools want to hear.

The results I got from this were fabulous - beyond what I expected, especially during the current climate. "

Mark Inder

Mark Inder

Primary Science Advisory Service

The journey

The journey

From humble beginnings, a thriving agency grew up around Michael’s original vision, as talented marketing professionals and education specialists joined the team.

We built strong and lasting relationships with schools across the UK, to allow us to deliver the excellent results our clients deserve.

Over time, our expertise developed and evolved in response to the changes in both education and marketing. And so too did the services we offered.

Until one day, we realised we had outgrown School Mailings.

It was time for something new…

The transformation

The transformation

To begin with, the changes were subtle. We would tweak our service offerings to reflect changes we saw happening in the industry.

Then, we started to develop our services and processes more radically to meet new developments as they occurred.

But we realised that we didn’t just want to respond to developments. We wanted to get out ahead of the market – to lead the changes. We became more innovative in how we market to schools.

We had transformed into a new and exciting kind of agency, that deserved its own unique identity.

And Buzz Education was born.

Why 'Buzz Education'?

“So, why the name ‘Buzz Education’?”, we hear you ask.  Well, let us explain…

First up, we should clarify that it is definitely not because our MD Michael has a
run-away-screaming fear of bees and wasps, and wanted to confront the thing that scares him most (although that would be fun, wouldn’t it?).

The thing is, we know that getting decision makers in schools to sit up and take notice of what you have to say takes more than firing messages at them and crossing your fingers.

In a day and age where every single one of us has the potential to be a social influencer, Word of Mouth is king.

So, all it takes is finding some early adopters to hear your message, and then tell their friends. Simple? Absolutely not!

The secret is to market in such a way that gets people talking about you, and sharing your message.

And the name of this marketing technique? Buzz marketing! (It’s all starting to make sense, isn’t it?)

Marketing is evolving. And we don’t just want to keep up, we want to pave the way. So as our services and practices have evolved, so too has our brand.

We are Buzz because everything we do comes back to one simple goal: to create a Buzz in the world of Education!

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