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The Best Time to Email Teachers

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When’s the best time to email teachers?

Timing is important when it comes to email marketing, especially when running campaigns to busy teachers and education staff. 

You want to make sure your email lands in their inboxes when they’ve got a spare few minutes to read and digest your campaign, but also when they’re most receptive to hearing about your services (e.g. when they’ve got new budgets to spend). 

To help you optimise your campaign scheduling, we chatted to over 200 teachers and education staff about their email preferences. We also carried out a comprehensive campaign analysis of the emails we send to schools on behalf of our clients. Our talented data experts looked at everything from send dates, send times, wording and more to get all the latest insights.

Ready to expand your knowledge? Let’s take a look.

Best Time?

We asked teachers when they check their school email account, here’s what we found:

  • 93% of the teachers we asked said before school starts.
  • 53% use their break time to read and catch up on emails.
  • 67% check their emails at lunch time.
  • 77% said after school.
  • 54% read emails in the evening.

Myth: Teachers only work from 9am to 3:30pm. 

Fact: We know that teachers check their emails before, during and after school as well as in the evenings. Our client campaign analysis revealed that 8am to 9am is the best for overall engagement rates but other times have their unique advantages too. So it’s possible to achieve great engagement rates whatever time you send your campaign.

Buzz’s Top Tip: Trial a few different times to see what works best for your brand.

Best Day?

Best Day?

Each day of the week has its own advantages but we find that Thursdays achieve the best overall engagement rates. See the different weekday perks below:

  • Monday – Great open rates
  • Tuesday – Highest click through rate
  • Wednesday – Highest open rate
  • Thursday – Best overall engagement rates
  • Friday – Good open rates

Best Month?

September and October achieve the best overall engagement rates but we advise clients to market to schools all year round as each month has its own unique opportunities. Plus, long-term marketing is a great way to build brand awareness, secure strong relationships with education staff and close sales leads. 

Here’s how the engagement rates vary throughout the year:

January, February, March – Amazing overall engagement rates.

  • Schools use the first few months of the year to create spending plans and plan their budgets ready for the new financial year.

April, May, June – Brilliant open rates and click through rates.

  • It’s the start of the new financial year in April so teachers use these months to start spending their new budgets.

July, August – Consistently good click through rates.

  • Teachers spend July and August preparing for the start of the new academic year and looking into any products or services they might need for September.
  • 71% of teachers have started planning their lessons and preparing resources for the new academic year by July. 

September, October – Best engagement rates.

  • September marks the start of the new academic year but also the start of the new financial year for Academy Schools. Teachers are making plans for the year ahead and open to hearing about products and services that might benefit their students.

November, December – High open rates.

  • Schools are spending budgets and getting set for the spring term. 

Myth: Teachers don’t work during the school holidays.

Fact: We know that 87% of teachers and education staff check their emails either every day, every few days or every week in the school holidays. And 64% of teachers who haven’t started planning before July will do it in the summer holidays.

Your Next Marketing Steps

Your Next Marketing Steps

Now that you’re an expert on campaign scheduling, it’s time to think about your campaign content. 

Subject lines, preview text, headers, call to action buttons – these are all the things you need to consider when crafting your campaign. Remember, teachers are busy people, so you want to make sure your email catches their attention with compelling copy they can’t resist. 

You can discover more helpful insights in our Email Marketing Top Trends. We spill the latest on what to include in your email marketing campaigns plus lots of handy hints.

Is it Marketing O’Clock?

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Our talented team of campaign strategists, creative copywriters and digital designers are on hand to help you create an impactful, lead-generating campaign that connects you with 1,000s of education staff.