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4 ways to target your marketing to teachers

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Succesfully marketing to teachers has been made a lot easier thanks to the team here at Buzz Education.

Not only have we got exclusive insights into email marketing and education, but we’ve also got the UK’s largest schools database.     

Did you know when you partner with us you can access contact information for over 422,000 teachers and decision makers?

That includes 130 job roles across 30,000 UK schools, all neatly compacted into our user-friendly, GDPR compliant schools database.

That’s a whole lot of data, so you might be wondering how you target the decision makers who are relevant to you? 

To help you make that vital decision throughout 2021, we’ve put together this handy guide:

1. Who is your marketing relevant to?

Whole school:
Target: Senior Leadership Team –
Head Teachers, Deputy Heads and
Business Managers.

Certain subject areas:
Target: Heads of Department and
Subject Teachers.

Certain key stage or age group:
Target: Key Stage Coordinators.

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2. What are you supplying?

Office supplies, management tools and administration aids:

Target: Support staff

Learn more about how support staff can influence school spending.

Teaching and learning resources, and classroom equipment:

Target: Teachers

67% of teachers manage a small budget. Learn more about school spending.

Remember, you can also select your marketing targets based on:

  • Location – region, county, local authorities, postal code areas
  • Key stage 
  • Age range – Primary, Secondary, Sixth Form and Further Education, Higher Education
  • Type of school – Academy, Private and Boarding, Special, Free, State
  • Number of pupils on roll
  • Gender (of pupils) 
  • New schools 
  • Free schools meals (% of children)
  • Religious affiliation

3. Pricing

Is price a better indicator for who you should target? Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered too!

It’ll be no surprise to you that the higher the cost of your product or service, the more senior figure will need to approve its purchase.

Mid-lower value purchases:
Target: Teachers

Over £5,000:
Target: Heads of Department and
Head Teachers

Higher levels of spending:
Target: Head Teachers and Governors


Buzz’s top tip: At least once every half term 75% of Business Managers meet with the Head Teacher to review finances and make budget plans. So, although they might not make the final decisions about specific purchases, they can have a big influence on the budgets available for certain areas of the school.

4. Statistics

Here at Buzz Education, we’re numbers people which means we love to analyse all of our clients’ email marketing campaigns. We do this so we can identify any emerging marketing trends and so we can provide real insights to best support your education marketing strategies.

Our latest analysis revealed: 

Heads of Departments and Senior Leaders are the most engaged overall with email marketing campaigns.

For subject related emails, Heads of Careers, Heads of Sixth Form and Heads of Subject Departments tend to open and click on more.

For more general, whole school related emails, Head Teachers and Deputy Heads engage the most.

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We hope this has helped you to better target your email marketing campaigns.

As always though, when you partner with us your experienced Campaign Strategist will work with you to create an accurately targeted mailing list for your campaign and thoroughly plan your education marketing strategy. 

Together, we can face 2021 head on and ensure your marketing efforts are effectively strategised.

Let’s get to work.

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