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Selling to schools in 4 easy steps

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Do you want to inspire school staff and pupils across the UK?

Do you want your brand to be known by over 560,000 education staff?

Or your product or service used in 30,000 UK schools?

If your answer is yes, then marketing to schools is for you!

Here are 4 quick steps to help you sell to schools:

1. Choices, choices, choices...

The first step is to choose the right schools and education staff to target your marketing campaign at.


This is different for everyone. You should think about:

• What your product or service is.
• What phase of education or age range it’s aimed at.
• If it’s for the whole school, or a certain department or business area.
• Where in the UK you and your customers are located.

Our GDPR compliant schools database has contact details for over 560,000 education staff, across over 130 job roles, in 30,000 UK schools, so you certainly won’t be stuck for choice!

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All of this will mean you can build a bespoke marketing mailing list and target your marketing campaigns directly at the most suitable schools and staff. Getting this right is the key to running a successful campaign.

2. Create an amazing marketing campaign

Whether you choose email marketing, postal marketing or telemarketing, you need to get your content spot on.

Send the wrong message, have a poor design or confuse your audience, and you’ll lose their interest immediately. So, the next step is to create an amazing marketing campaign. Easy! Right?

Here are a few things to get you started:

  • Think about the main purpose of your campaign and use this to shape your content (or script if you’re telemarketing).
  • Think about the benefits you can offer and make this the focus of your message.
  • Think about what you’re offering – could you give them something for free? (a free lesson plan, a free trial, a teaching resource – ask for their name and email address to access this content and build a database of leads to follow up with.)

Email marketing is seen as the quickest, simplest and most cost-effective way to approach teachers and schools.

It’s also really fast-paced – you only have around eight seconds to grab your reader’s attention and keep it! Clear, well written copy and eye-catching engaging email designs will do just that.

Take a look at our email portfolio for some inspiration

Look now

You’ll also find lots of advice about how to create a fantastic email marketing campaign in our resources – from how to write a great subject line, to guidance on colours, calls to action and more! Take a look now.

3. Test, test and test again!

Our experience of marketing to schools means we have a lot of valuable advice to share – like when the best time to send your email is, and how long your subject line should be, but it’s important to remember that every marketing campaign is different.

What works well for one campaign may not work so well for another. Email engagement rates can vary depending on the product or service you’re offering, the time of year, the purpose of your email, and even the staff member you target.

A/B testing is the only way to know for sure what will work for your campaign. Don’t worry though, it’s not as scary as it sounds and it’s so very useful!

You can test everything from the time you send your emails, to email subject lines, to the content and colours of the calls to action. You’ll then be able to identify the optimum design and content to make your marketing campaign amazing!

4. Plan for the future!

After all the work you’ve put into preparing the perfect marketing list and creating an amazing marketing campaign, make sure you don’t fall at the last hurdle.

Before you even send your campaign, it’s important to know what you’re going to do next.

A basic communications plan is a good way to plan your next steps. It can be as simple as some notes and dates on a spreadsheet.

You could think about:

  • How to follow up with leads or enquirers – a personalised email, a phone call?
  • What content or information will be most useful for them next? And after that?
  • Different ways leads could flow through your sales funnel and suitable communications for all scenarios
  • How to continue driving enquirers through your sales funnel and how to reactivate any enquirers who have dropped out of the funnel

A longer-term plan like this, will help you to build important relationships with key decision makers and will keep you at the top of their mind when the time for making purchases comes.

You should also review the success of your campaign. Track key analytics such as email opens and clicks, social media shares, revenue generated and more. Use these insights to plan and develop your future marketing campaigns.

Figure out what worked, and build on it. And learn from the things that didn’t work so well to create an even better marketing campaign next time!

And that’s it – 4 easy steps to help you sell to schools the right way.

But you don’t have to do it alone…

We’re here to help with all of your selling to schools plans. Our experienced Campaign Strategists will support you every step of the way.

They’ll help you to:

Build your bespoke mailing list
Help you to decide which key decision makers and schools to target.

Plan your marketing campaign
Identify the best options and create marketing packages to suit you.

Manage any part of your marketing campaign
Create and manage your campaigns to achieve the maximum engagement rates.

Create a buzz in the education industry
Our friendly team of marketing and education experts are the leading team to support your marketing to schools.

So if you're ready to start your selling to schools journey, please just get in touch:

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So if you're ready to start your selling to schools journey, please just get in touch: