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5 questions to ask your schools email database supplier

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There’s a lot to think about if you're planning to buy a schools email database, and a lot of options.

It’s important to do your research to make sure you’re getting the best service and the best data for your money.

Here are the 5 key questions to ask when you’re looking for a schools email database supplier:

1. How accurate is your data?

First impressions count for a lot, so imagine if you got your target’s name or job title wrong. Or how about if your email didn’t even reach them because you had the wrong email address…?

That’s why it’s so important to make sure your schools data is accurate.

Accurate data means you can send your marketing campaigns to schools and teachers, knowing exactly who you’re sending it to, and knowing they’ll receive it.

Any good data supplier will be able to offer you a data accuracy guarantee.

Here at Buzz Education, we provide the most accurate schools data in the industry.

We’re proud to offer a minimum 97% data accuracy guarantee.

We have a dedicated team of data managers who review, refresh and update our schools data every day. We can confidently guarantee that our data is highly accurate.

2. How often do you update your data?

This is just as important as the data accuracy. If your data supplier tells you they have a 99% data accuracy guarantee, this is great – but what you really need to know is whether it will remain at 99% throughout the whole time you’re using the data.

We know that schools change throughout the year – new schools open, staff change roles and staff move to different schools. So it’s important to make sure any changes are reflected in your data and that it’s as up to date as possible every time you use it.

Some data suppliers only update their schools data when it has already decayed or only update it once a year – but here at Buzz our data managers proactively check and update our data on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

This means your schools data remains at the same high level of accuracy all the time.

You can also access the live, updated data as many times as you want for 12 months – this is perfect for running ongoing marketing campaigns and building those all-important relationships with teachers and decision makers.

3. How much data do you have?

You need to know that you can get the exact data you need.

The amount of data you select for your bespoke schools mailing list will be up to you – you might choose to include all UK schools, just Secondary Schools, schools in a certain region or specific job roles only.

What’s important is knowing that you have the largest amount of schools data to choose from. It also helps if your data supplier provides flexible and bespoke data packages which allow you to buy only the data you actually need.

Our data team are constantly expanding our schools database – we’re proud to have data for almost 30,000 UK schools and 422,000 teachers and decision makers across over
120 different job titles.

So, whether it’s Head Teachers in all UK schools, Chemistry Teachers in the East Midlands, SENCOs in Scotland or Business Managers within 30 miles of Birmingham – we can help you to choose the exact data you need and will add it all to your personal schools data dashboard.

And if you’re not sure what data you need, one of our friendly Campaign Strategists will be happy to help.

4. Is your data GDPR compliant?

Since it’s introduction in May 2018, anyone who handles or processes data needs to follow the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

You should ask your data supplier if their schools data is GDPR compliant. And, if they can’t answer or give you any evidence, then it’s probably best to steer clear.

Of course, our data is GDPR compliant!

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5. What do you know about schools?

You might wonder why this matters – after all you’re just buying an email database to run your own marketing campaigns.

But here’s the thing – you could buy your schools data from a general data supplier who knows nothing about schools, marketing to schools strategies and can’t offer you any support other than supplying you with data.

Or you could buy your data from a specialist education marketing agency (like us!).

We can not only provide you with technical support with your personal data dashboard, but as education marketing specialists, we can also support your overall education marketing strategy.

We can help you plan your strategy, develop and create your marketing content, and provide a wealth of advice to help you create an amazing marketing to schools campaign.

And that's it really...

5 key questions to ask of any data supplier you’re considering using. I hope it helps you to find the best data supplier for you.

If you think that might be us, please feel free to get in touch to see how you can use our schools email database to support your marketing.

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If you think that might be us, please feel free to get in touch to see how you can use our schools email database to support your marketing.