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Introducing Charlotte

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Hi everyone, I'm Charlotte.

I joined the team here at Buzz Education a few weeks ago and what a few weeks it’s been!

I’ll be working with our clients so will get to know you all very soon, but for now here’s a bit about me…

How I came to be here

I joined the Buzz Education team after graduating from university in July and spending the summer months working part-time; spending the money I earned going on trips with friends and loved ones.

Lifelong memories were made with some of my favourite people this summer.

So, once summer was over and I was all spent up, I thought it best to put my hard-earned degree to some use and start my career.

After applying for an exciting role at Buzz Education, being invited for an interview, as well as meeting the team, I knew this was the place for me.

Luckily, I guess the team at Buzz Education did too because… here I am

So far, so good

My first few weeks at Buzz Education have been more enjoyable than I first anticipated.

As with anything new, I was a bit nervous about the unknown, however the team have been beyond welcoming and supportive.

There is so much to learn and the days are flying by. Waking up in the morning I’m excited to find out what’s next for me to learn and do.

So far, I’ve been learning from and working closely with Sophie, Lyndsay and Michael; which is a privilege itself as they are all such experts in their fields.

I’ve discovered that there’s much to consider when marketing to education.

Whether that be; you want to gain access to schools data that will allow you to run and manage your own marketing campaigns, or would prefer to reap in the benefits of having Buzz Education’s marketing specialists work alongside you. Buzz Education offer a wide variety of flexible packages to suit all types and sizes of businesses to ensure every part of your marketing to schools is thought about.

Additionally, the schools database that we hold is so vast and detailed that it allows clients to market directly towards the key decision makers and influencers that suit their product or service best.

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What I think is great is that clients get the chance to work with education marketing specialists, who can copywrite and design email campaigns that are statistically proven to achieve greater engagement rates than client designed content.

Essentially, this will increase the success of their campaigns. Which is a win-win in my eyes.

The future

I’m looking forward to getting truly stuck in and becoming a valued member of the team here at Buzz Education.

I plan to achieve this by continuing to learn and develop professionally from the top education specialists in the game. To get creative and bring forward ideas for both our marketing and sales teams.

Most importantly, I’m excited to work with you, our clients, to build lasting relationships, to work with you throughout your marketing campaign journeys and of course, see you succeed with your marketing efforts time and time again.

Feel free to drop me an email at to say hello,
and I look forward to supporting you with your marketing to schools activity soon.

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Feel free to drop me an email at <br> to say hello, <br>and I look forward to supporting you with your marketing to schools activity soon.