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engaging with the right marketing, and school finances are in a fantastic position.

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Marketing to
International Schools

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Ever thought about marketing to International Schools?

Our research tells us that for the vast majority of education suppliers, the answer to that question is ‘No’. Which is a shame, because the International Schools market offers a huge global opportunity for forward thinking businesses.

Hold on, what is an International School?

There’s a good chance that the reason you’ve never thought about marketing to International Schools is because you didn’t know they existed, or you weren’t entirely sure what they were.

Simply put, an International School is a school that offers a curriculum different to that of the country it operates in.

British International Schools are those schools which offer a curriculum in line with the UK National Curriculum.

Read our whitepaper on marketing to International Schools...

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Read our whitepaper on marketing to International Schools...
A worldwide market

A worldwide market

As of November 2019, Buzz Education holds data for over 5,000 British International Schools, located all around the world. This is a huge potential audience for education suppliers!

In a recent survey, we asked decision makers in those schools how likely they were to purchase goods and services from a UK company…

100% responded that they were very likely to do so!

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How do I market to International Schools?

The best way for UK education suppliers to reach this lucrative market is through Buzz Education’s managed email service to International Schools.

Our research tells us that most International Schools receive fewer than five marketing emails a day, so you’ll have less competition for attention in the inbox.

Email marketing is a great way to reach large numbers of schools across the world, and it allows you to create a long-term strategy, which gives you a chance to build lasting relationships with a new and receptive audience.

Ready to start selling to International Schools?

Expert guidance

If it’s your first time marketing to International Schools, you might feel like you need a little extra help.

Don’t worry – Buzz Education has its very own International Schools Experts ready to guide and advise you each step of the way.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with our International Campaign Strategists to start marketing to International Schools now!

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Get in touch with our International Campaign Strategists to start marketing to International Schools now!