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The best time to email teachers

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Wondering when to plan your marketing campaigns for?

Our dedicated customer campaign strategists are always on hand to help you run the most successful campaigns by guiding you through the process and giving lots of tips and advice

The most common question they get asked is: When is the best time to email teachers? 

And although it may seem like an easy answer, it’s actually a complex process that involves our data experts analysing all the email marketing campaigns we send to schools on behalf of our clients. This means we collect key information and statistics that helps us to identify top performing days, times, best subject lines and much more. 

Read on for all the latest insights on how you can schedule your marketing to boost your engagement rates

Follow the academic year

September to December

Each year we find that September comes out on top when looking at the key months to start email marketing to schools. 

At this time, schools are busy getting everything ready for the new academic year and they’re keen to find out about new products or services that can support their plans.

Sending a series of email campaigns between September and December is a good way to start raising your brand awareness and catch teachers’ attention for the year ahead. 

January to April

January to April are good months to connect with schools as this is when they’re preparing to receive their new budgets.

We know that 80% of schools start budget planning at least 3 to 6 months before the start of the new financial year which begins in April for most schools. 

Most schools will start preparing for exam season early in the year too, so marketing products to support exams and revision can be great to send in March and April.

May to July 

Planning your marketing campaigns for the summer term, between May and July, works well for clients offering summer related products, buildings or maintenance work, school trips and outdoor sports equipment.

These months see consistently great open rates, and it’s also a great time to get noticed as schools start putting their spending plans into action. 

Choose your day wisely

Traditionally, Thursdays have always been seen as the best day for email marketing to schools, but now Wednesdays are on the up too. 

Wednesdays see the best overall engagement rates and the highest open rates

Thursdays do still get the highest click rates by a considerable amount.

Both days are great to market your product or service, so take some time to find out what works best for you. 

But don’t overlook the other days of the week. Tuesdays also get great overall engagement rates. In fact, it’s becoming one of our most popular days to send. 

Teachers love an early morning

Teachers love an early morning

Over 86% of our email marketing campaigns are sent between 7am and 11am. This is because we consistently find that early morning emails get the best engagement rates.

In fact, we know from our 2021 Schools Survey that 92% of teachers check their emails before school starts.

Our analytics show that campaigns sent between 8am and 10am achieve the highest overall engagement rates.

So what does all this mean for your marketing strategy?

If you want to develop your marketing strategies based on proof and analytics, sending your email campaign on a Wednesday is the best place to start.

But to create a successful marketing campaign, you should also consider other factors, such as your subject line, your target audience and the content of your email. Check out our Email Marketing Top Trendswhich pulls together even more key insights to help you develop a great marketing campaign.

We regularly revisit our analytics to make sure we’re providing you with the most up-to-date advice, so remember to check the latest trends with your campaign manager for every campaign you send. 

Need any help getting started?

Our expert team of campaign strategists, copywriters and designers will create the perfect email marketing campaign for you. 

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Need any help getting started? <br><br>Our expert team of campaign strategists, copywriters and designers will create the perfect email marketing campaign for you.