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UK Parliament

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When it comes to determining what
makes a successful marketing campaign,
the stats never lie.

We were thrilled to help UK Parliament's Marketing Team achieve incredible engagement statistics on their recent email marketing campaigns.

From advising when the best time to target schools is, to adjusting the campaign to optimise results, we helped UK Parliament get the most out of their email marketing to promote their current free learning opportunities.

The goal

The goal

The Covid-19 pandemic meant UK Parliament had to explore new ways of digitally reaching teachers and pupils. They wanted to advertise their unique virtual tour of the Palace of Westminster, their valuable resources for Black History Month and much more.

UK Parliament’s Marketing Team realised Buzz Education could offer something new.

Our campaign manager discussed multiple campaign options and helped them decide the best course of action to help achieve their marketing goals.

The strategy

The strategy

UK Parliament’s Marketing Team took advantage of our extensive schools database and chose to target all primary and secondary schools across the UK.

Our campaigns team then set to work on preparing, checking and optimising the email campaigns, in time for the broadcast dates.

We offered flexible email send times for the UK Parliament campaigns, which meant we could target schools at the right times but also within a timescale that suited the team.

We kept a close eye on the campaign performance which meant we could quickly adjust their target audience after the first campaign, to help optimise the already impressive results they were getting.

The stats

The stats

As our schools data is accurate and up to date, 100% of the emails landed in teachers’ and decision makers’ inboxes.

The two campaigns achieved open rates of 57.40% and 60.16%, meaning over half of the recipients opened and engaged with the content.

In addition, the click-through rates stood at an impressive 23.97% and 11.57%. This meant both campaigns generated well over 5,500 clicks.

The results

The results

UK Parliament reported a huge increase in website visitors because of the campaigns. They were pleased to enable many more teachers and pupils across the UK to access their free resources.

Our post campaign analytics reports were incredibly useful for them. The engagement statistics gave them useful insights and identified areas to further optimise future email campaigns. Our reports also showed them what devices teachers used to view their emails, which will help to inform their future marketing planning and targeting.

UK Parliament have said they will use their learnings from our reports to inform their future email marketing plans and marketing strategy.

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