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Tree Tops Clubs

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We help suppliers to grow their brand in the education sector with direct email marketing campaigns to key school decision makers.

Tree Tops Clubs wanted to showcase the services they could provide for primary school children.

When we started working with Tree Tops Clubs in September 2020, we helped them to integrate email marketing into their existing marketing strategy. This created a direct and targeted approach to their marketing to schools.

The goal

The goal

Tree Tops Clubs offer school and holiday clubs for primary school children in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire. The clubs provide hands-on learning and fun experiences for all. 

They wanted to raise awareness of their services and drive teachers to their website to find out more.

The Covid-19 pandemic quickly changed consumer behaviour, which meant that Tree Tops Clubs had to adapt quickly and appropriately by altering their marketing strategy. 

They needed a new way to connect with schools and that’s where we stepped in. Our knowledge and expertise helped Tree Tops Clubs to enhance their email marketing campaigns.

The email marketing strategy

The email marketing strategy

Sophie, our customer campaign strategist, identified 2,825 primary schools in London for Tree Tops Clubs to broadcast their emails to.

We know that senior leaders are key decision makers in schools so our data teams also supplied contact details for 582 head teachers and 298 business managers.

Our Buzz Growth campaign option was a great choice for them. This included copywriting and design for 3 email campaigns and a landing page to collect teachers’ data. 

Our creative team worked closely with Tree Tops Clubs to understand their aims and brand.

Their dedicated copywriter advised on key points, such as email length and subject lines, that would help the email to achieve the best engagement rates. Our copywriter developed email content that clearly stated the benefits of the service as well as highlighting key information.

Many of our clients use a landing page alongside their email marketing campaigns as a way to build their own database of engaged teachers.

The landing page would help Tree Tops Clubs to collect engaged teachers’ data, so they could contact them again at a later point and build up their own database of contacts. Our designers reflected the Tree Tops Clubs brand in both the emails and the landing page. 

"The design team reflected our brand perfectly."

Nick Mealey

Nick Mealey

Tree Tops Clubs

The results

The results

The email campaigns achieved an average open rate of 24.84%. This means over 700 schools read their emails. 

They reported that 4 schools quickly signed up to a contract with them, and they still continue to receive enquiries and bookings as a result of the email campaigns. 

We provided the team at Tree Tops Clubs with a top prospects file which included the contact information for all teachers who engaged with their emails. This allowed them to follow up with these teachers. 

Due to the results, and our expertise throughout the process, email marketing is now an integral part of their marketing strategy.

Next steps

Next steps

After the success of the email campaigns, the team at Tree Tops Clubs decided to use our schools data to run their own marketing campaigns. 

Our customer campaign strategist, Sophie, helped them to identify 4,358 schools in 6 local authorities in London, Hampshire and Surrey. 

We know that personalised email campaigns can boost engagement rates so we also provided data for 10,086 named head teachers and business managers. 

Our schools data means Tree Tops Clubs can target the specific regions and decision makers of their choice, all with a 99% accuracy guarantee. Their 12-month data subscription and unlimited access allows them to download live data as many times as they want. This means they’ll be using up-to-date and highly accurate data for every marketing campaign they send.

"Everything was fantastic.
The tips and advice Buzz Education provided were invaluable."

Nick Mealey

Nick Mealey

Tree Tops Clubs

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