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The School Sign Shop

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Our managed email service makes sending engaging and results-driven email campaigns to schools stress free for you.

When we managed The Schools Sign Shop’s email campaign, they worked with a specialist at each phase of the process and approved everything before it moved to the next step.

Our creative team developed emails that represented The School Sign Shop perfectly and they achieved fantastic results.

The goal

The goal

The School Sign Shop designs, illustrates and manufactures custom made signs for schools.

They wanted to increase their brand awareness in nurseries and primary schools across the UK. Their aim was to generate new enquiries and sales, as well as build up regular school clients

The School Sign Shop had recently been disappointed with their results with a different marketing agency. The team at Buzz Education gave The School Sign Shop confidence to try again. We were keen to show that, with the right team, they could achieve great results

The strategy

The strategy

The School Sign Shop chose our Buzz Growth campaign option. This includes 3 emails copywritten, designed and managed by our education marketing specialists. It’s a favourite amongst our clients for brand building, generating leads and converting to sales.

To boost their engagement rates, our customer campaign strategist recommended sending the campaigns directly to key decision makers’ inboxes. For The School Sign Shop this included senior leaders, site managers and heads of maths, English and science in nurseries and primary schools across the UK.

Our managed email service allows emails to be sent directly to the inboxes of your selected decision makers, skipping the school ‘gate keepers’.


Our copywriting team advised The School Sign Shop to run an introductory offer to schools. This would generate initial enquiries whilst schools got to know and trust the brand. Once the content was approved our design team created striking emails that aligned with their branding and would be engaging for school decision makers.

Then, their campaign manager advised on the best times and days to send their emails to achieve the greatest engagement.

After each email was sent, their campaign manager sent them a detailed post campaign report and a database of all the schools that opened their emails. This database meant The School Sign Shop could follow up with any warm leads in between the larger campaigns.

"The copy and design were very good and professional.
My campaign manager segmented the process instead of doing it all in one go, which made the process easier and simpler for me."

Dave Dean

Dave Dean

The School Sign Shop

The results

The results

The School Sign Shop’s emails were sent to over 16,000 direct decision makers in primary schools and just under 14,000 nurseries across the UK.

The emails received fabulous engagement rates. Their average open rate was 19.25% and the average click through rate was 41.66%. This means on average 2,275 school decision makers clicked on each email and explored The School Sign Shop’s website.

Running a series of 3 email campaigns helped The School Sign Shop to increase their brand awareness and boost their sales with schools and nurseries.

The email campaigns were such a success that many schools asked for the introductory offer to be extended so it’s still available to them when they’re ready to order.


"The whole experience has been eye-opening. It's nice to have confident specialists take the job out of our hands and look after it."

Dave Dean

Dave Dean

The School Sign Shop

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