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We’ve seen some big changes in education, and for education suppliers and marketing
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As most schools across the UK have now reopened to all pupils for the new academic year,
the future is looking bright for education suppliers. We know that schools and teachers are
engaging with the right marketing, and school finances are in a fantastic position.

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Swansea University

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Our direct marketing to schools service
allows clients to stay in control of their campaign, while letting us take care of everything for them

Our managed postal mail service is a great way to reach out to schools.

It’s a high investment strategy that can offer huge returns in terms of enquiries generated, and we work with a number of clients who trust us to manage regular direct marketing campaigns to schools on their behalf.

We’re really proud to have supported Swansea University with their
direct marketing campaigns every year since 2013.

The goal

The goal

Each summer, Swansea University’s Student Recruitment Office sends a letter to schools and colleges, outlining how the university can help with the uncertainty that unexpected results and last-minute changes of plan can cause.

They need to be able to rely on an education marketing partner who can ensure that this vital information reaches Heads of Sixth Form and UCAS advisors across the UK at the right time.

"The team have provided us with the means to reach specific teachers in UK schools and colleges each summer for a number of years now, providing a swift, economical and friendly personal service."

Barrie Clark

Barrie Clark

Swansea University

The strategy

The strategy

Each year, we manage a large-scale mailing campaign to specific targets in schools and Sixth Form Colleges across the UK for Swansea University.

Our postal data comes with a 99% accuracy guarantee, so our client has the peace of mind of knowing that the information is going where it should.

We handle all of the work and admin that a direct marketing campaign to schools demands, so that they can concentrate on other areas at this extremely busy time of year.

"This is always one of our busiest times of year, so it’s good to know I can hand over the administration of this large-scale mailing to Michael and his colleagues to efficiently and successfully execute for me."

Barrie Clark

Barrie Clark

Swansea University

The results

The results

“We receive literally thousands of telephone calls on the day the A Level results come out, with potential applicants requesting vacancy information and teachers seeking advice for their students from around the UK.

I’m convinced that our annual Buzz Education mailshot contributes to our success in these campaigns.”

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Another success story

Our campaigns boosted interest in Teachers' Retirement Agency

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