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Sovereign Education

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Email is a great way to see immediate and trackable engagement, while postal mail can make a long-lasting impression

When timescales and budgets allow, a multi-channel marketing strategy which makes use of both digital and print communications is a fantastic way to build your brand in UK schools.

Sovereign Education found that this approach worked well for them when they wanted to secure bookings for their inspirational A Level Study Days.

The goal

The goal

Sovereign Education has been providing highly successful A Level Study Days for students for the last thirty years.

Each summer they look to secure bookings for these events through a targeted marketing campaign to schools. They specifically wanted to target History, Classics and English teachers.

Sovereign Education approached Buzz Education to help with this, as they wanted to work with someone they could trust to manage and oversee a successful campaign.

The strategy

The strategy

We knew that Sovereign Education wanted their campaign to have an immediate impact that would encourage teachers and decision makers to go ahead and book places on the courses for their students straight away.

They wanted to get across a message that was more in depth than a single email would effectively portray, but they also wanted to provide an easy way for busy teachers to find their way to the booking pages on their website.

We suggested a multi-channel approach.

A postal mail campaign was used to deliver the more in depth information directly to the target audience of History, Classics, and English teachers. This was followed up with a well-timed email to a warm audience who would be primed to follow the calls to action within the message.

Sovereign Education also made use of our creative services to ensure that their message had maximum impact when it reached their audience.

"The copywriting and design service was invaluable."

Andrea Cross

Andrea Cross

Sovereign Education

What they said

What they said

“We have used Buzz Education for a number of years now and have always been both pleased and very satisfied with all that they have done for us.

The copywriting and design service in particular was invaluable. Sarah consulted with us on tone of voice, brand guidelines and other key information to create content that really reflected our brand.

They always hit the mark and provide a prompt and efficient service. Great to work with you again!”

"We were able to generate a strong level of enquiries from both new customers and past customers who were reminded of our Study Days. "

Andrea Cross

Andrea Cross

Sovereign Education

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