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Retail Furniture

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Our specialist email sending platform, gives businesses access to targeted schools data, campaign scheduling, email design and more.

Retail Furniture came to Buzz Education looking for a way to market to schools.

Our email sending platform, Staff-Room, and our excellent in-house support, helped them to send out multiple successful email campaigns.

The goal

The goal

Retail Furniture is a well-respected furniture manufacturer that works with retail outlets such as John Lewis, Fortnum & Mason and Harrods. Despite having continuous success in the retail sector, they wanted to turn their attention to school marketing.

They wanted to raise their brand awareness and expand their target market, while building relationships with schools, teachers, and decision makers.

The team at Retail Furniture contacted us to see if we could help them access schools data and build email campaigns.

They were extremely impressed with our website, statistics and marketing to schools knowledge  so we were the best choice to help them achieve their goal.

The strategy

The strategy

Retail Furniture signed up to a 12-month contract for a bespoke schools database and our email sending platform, Staff-Room.

Our customer campaign strategist, Sophie, helped them to identify a specific target audience for their schools database. We provided data for 3,146 schools in London, as well as 7,525 headteachers, deputy heads, and business managers. We included 3 data channels, which meant they could contact schools and teachers by email, phone, or post.

Retail Furniture were able to easily import their schools data to Staff-Room, in order to create the mailing lists for their campaigns.


Our team were on hand to provide any support that the team at Retail Furniture needed.

Our campaign manager advised on how they could personalise their emails to create interest in their business.

We also gave comprehensive Staff Room training to ensure they were confident in using the platform.

The results

The results

Since January 2021, Retail Furniture have created a total of 12 campaigns using Staff-Room and our database of schools, teachers and decision makers. With our expert advice and targeted data, they were able to achieve an average click rate of 34.21%.

We’ve helped Retail Furniture gain vital insights into marketing to schools through the use of Staff-Room and our in-house support team.

They’ve checked in with our team several times since purchasing their data, asking for advice on formatting the data and quality checking their emails. Thanks to Buzz Education, Staff-Room is now a valuable tool in Retail Furniture’s marketing strategy.

"Buzz Education opened our eyes on how to market to schools and how schools operate. All the stats and information they provided were great, which helped make our decisions a lot easier."

Maddie Hodge

Maddie Hodge

Retail Furniture

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