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Reading Solutions

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Our bespoke email sending platform,
Staff-Room, helps businesses to manage
their own marketing and enhance their
profile in schools.

Reading Solutions provide technology-based solutions that support reading development in schools and education establishments.

Reading Solutions wanted to manage their own marketing to schools.

They found Staff-Room, along with our schools data, to be a winning formula.

The goal

The goal

Reading Solutions’ aim is to create a love for reading amongst young people so they become lifelong readers.

They knew Buzz Education could help them achieve their goal by increasing their brand awareness and generating leads with schools.

Reading Solutions wanted to manage their own marketing so they needed an accurate schools mailing list as well as an email sending platform they could use to design, test and automate email marketing campaigns.


They wanted an email sending platform (ESP) that specialises and facilitates contacting schools, so they could be confident their messages would be seen by the right teachers and decision makers.

Some of the leading ESPs present challenges when marketing to generic email addresses. With Staff-Room these challenges have been eliminated so you can send engaging emails with ease.

Finally, as Reading Solutions were new to the world of ESPs they needed a functional and user-friendly system, with a helpful support team.

The strategy

The strategy

With the help of our customer campaign strategist, Sophie, Reading Solutions decided to use our primary school email data and Staff-Room.

They can easily import the school email data to Staff-Room and then use it to send regular email campaigns to schools.

They target their marketing at head teachers, assistant head teachers and literacy coordinators, and enhance their emails by personalising the subject line

We know that 84% of emails marked FAO decision maker’s name get forwarded on to the relevant person.

Sophie set up their data account and provided them with personal login details to our data system. This means they can access their data as many times as they wish throughout their 12-month subscription.

As our data team continuously updates and cleanses the data, they are guaranteed to always be targeting the right teachers and decision makers.

We also arranged an extensive training session with one of our Staff-Room experts to make sure the Reading Solutions team were confident using the platform.

"The training we received was really good.
Staff-Room is self-explanatory, really intuitive and well designed."

Rachel Roberts

Rachel Roberts

Reading Solutions

The stats

The stats

After only 6 months of using our schools data and Staff-Room, Reading Solutions have sent over 20 email campaigns to primary schools.

They’ve achieved astonishing open rates of 100% and 109% on some of their marketing campaigns. This shows that teachers have opened their emails more than once.

The results

The results

Reading Solutions now use Staff-Room and our schools data to create weekly email marketing campaigns that are professionally designed, engaging and most importantly, generate leads.

Staff-Room’s test centre makes sure all campaigns run smoothly by checking and testing them before sending. The post campaign reporting helps Reading Solutions to thoroughly analyse their campaigns and identify any developments for future email campaigns.

Our Staff-Room support team continues to work closely with Reading Solutions to help them get the most out of Staff-Room and make sure their amazing campaign results continue. 

"We have achieved our goal of increasing lead generation and brand awareness. Staff-Room enabled us to be reactive to the situation presented by Covid-19 and therefore, schools closures."

Rachel Roberts

Rachel Roberts

Reading Solutions

Use Staff-Room to manage your own marketing to schools

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