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National Book Tokens

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Schools email data from Buzz Education is the most up to date in the industry

Our team of 14 data managers ensure our clients always have access to reliable, up-to-date data so that they can run successful email campaigns to schools.

We're thrilled to have been supplying National Book Tokens with accurate Schools Data since 2015. It's great to get some feedback about how we've helped them to share their message with schools across the UK.

The goal

The goal

National Book Tokens first approached us in 2015. Having worked with other partners in the past, they were looking for an education marketing company who were able to provide them with school data they could rely on.

National Book Tokens wanted email addresses for schools so that they could run their own email marketing campaigns. They wanted to be able to raise awareness of what they do, and needed a comprehensive schools database to ensure their message was reaching the intended audience.

The strategy

The strategy

We created an online account for National Book Tokens, where they could easily access and download data for schools across the UK. This gave them the ability to reach decision makers in every school.

By giving them access to updates in real time, we made sure that they were always able to use the most recent school data.

And, as this also accounts for recent school closures and openings, National Book Tokens are able to use the data to ensure they never miss an opportunity to bring a new school on board!

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What they said

What they said

“We use the data provided by Buzz Education as part of our overall communications strategy for our big schools marketing campaign each year.

This email data helps us to generate strong open and click through rates, contributing to the success of the campaign.

This helps us to support reading for everyone, and foster relationships between schools and the wider community.”

"Buzz Education have been a pleasure to work with, from their helpful and friendly team to the ease of use of their website and the database itself."



National Book Tokens

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