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Mental Health Foundation

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We take great pride in building strong relationships with our clients and ensuring they feel valued and listened to throughout their marketing journey.

We helped the Mental Health Foundation to promote their free resources with a series of email marketing campaigns sent to the direct inboxes of 20,000 education staff. 

We’ve loved helping the team to make a difference to young people’s mental health, especially given how important mental wellbeing support in schools has become over the past couple of years.

The goal

The goal

The Mental Health Foundation is the UK’s leading mental health charity for everyone’s mental health.

The team were looking to promote their free downloadable resources and the Peer Education Project, their secondary school programme that aims to help young people better understand and look after their mental health. 

They were looking to primarily target UK secondary school teachers in a range of different job roles. We helped them to connect with Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 Leads and Teachers, PSHE Leaders and Teachers, Heads of Years 7,10,11, Heads of Sixth Form and Deputy Head Teachers.

The strategy

The strategy

The team at the Mental Health Foundation had never used an external, education marketing agency to promote their education-based projects and resources before. They were looking to expand their reach in the education sector and promote their secondary school programme to more schools and education staff.

As they were relatively new to the marketing process, our customer campaign strategist recommended our Buzz Growth package, which includes a series of 3 managed email campaigns written and designed by our talented creative experts. They were so pleased with this package and their results that they soon decided to book another!

Throughout their campaigns, our creative copywriter worked closely with their project manager to understand the focus of each email and craft compelling content that truly reflected their tone of voice. Where they wanted to push a particular resource to maximise engagement, our copywriter included sections linking back to the content in their earlier emails to create a seamlessly connected series of emails.

Across their Buzz Growth packages, we helped to promote multiple free resources and events including their Loneliness School Pack, the Peer Education Project, their free school resources and free Body Image and Mental Health course. 

By opting for one of our long-term marketing packages, they were able to continue building relationships with schools throughout the academic year.

Working with our experienced team of education experts allowed the Mental Health Foundation to learn more about marketing to the education sector and the factors to consider when reaching out to teachers and decision makers. 

From how to write persuasive copy for education staff, to understanding the school calendar, they found the entire process to be eye-opening and incredibly valuable for their future marketing. 

"Working with Buzz Education gave me a real insight in terms of how to advertise to a school. It felt like a two way process throughout and they helped us to understand the impact of wording, timings, the school calendar and how to optimise results."

Ruth Simmonds

Ruth Simmonds

Project Manager

The results

The results

Through accessing our Email Marketing Service, we helped the Mental Health Foundation to increase awareness of their Peer Education Project and free school resources. 

With the help of our copywriters and designers, they were able to generate 2,500 more downloads of their free resources, an increase of over 40% compared to a previous campaign they’d independently managed in 2021.

They also achieved amazing click rates on the links in their email campaigns. For example, the link to their school resources page in their email for Mental Health Awareness Week achieved an amazing 940 total clicks. This demonstrated that teachers had revisited the links to explore their free resources for schools and education staff. This campaign achieved an impressive 2,552 total clicks across all of the different email links. 

With regards to their events, we helped them to completely sell out their free webinar for school staff: ‘Help your staff find their pockets of rest’. This was the focus of their second email campaign which was sent to Senior Leaders, Heads of Year 7 and Heads of Sixth Form. To help the team continue raising awareness of their free webinar event, we included a section in their third email campaign with a link to a recording of their webinar event.

It was a pleasure to help the Mental Health Foundation make a positive difference in education with our email marketing campaigns. And by opting for one of our long-term packages, they were able to build relationships with schools and support them throughout the academic year. 

What they said

What they said

The Mental Health Foundation loved working with our team to expand their reach and raise awareness of their resources. Check out what they said: 

I would definitely recommend Buzz Education. The process was very easy from start to finish and they’re a very friendly team to work with. No problem is too big and no question is too silly to ask.” Ruth Simmonds, Project Manager – Schools, Mental Health Foundation

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