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London Transport Museum

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A multi-channel approach to education marketing allows clients to connect with schools in a variety of ways

This option helps them to reach more teachers and decision makers in the world of education, and creates excellent opportunities to build more meaningful relationships with schools.

We’ve developed and managed a tailored multi-channel strategy for London Transport Museum since 2014, and it has always delivered successful results.

The goal

The goal

London Transport Museum first approached us in 2014. As part of their education outreach marketing programme, they were looking for ways to engage with local schools to help increase visits to the museum.

Their range of education programmes are updated regularly, and they wanted an effective way to keep schools, teachers and decision makers up to date with everything that was happening at the museum.

The strategy

The strategy

Our Client Campaign Strategists worked closely with the team at London Transport Museum to understand their marketing objectives. This allowed us to create a multi-channel strategy that would give them comprehensive reach across all the schools in their target area.

The strategy involved running postal mail campaigns alongside a series of managed email campaigns, which were sent directly to the inboxes of London Transport Museum’s chosen audience.

This was supported by the supply of key education data, so that they could supplement these marketing activities by running their own email campaigns throughout the year.

Buzz Education were able to advise on key delivery times for marketing content, and project manage the postal mail and email campaigns for maximum impact.

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What they said

What they said

“The Buzz Education team are fantastic to work with and reliable, there is always someone to talk to.

Having up to date data available online, in an easy to use format, makes our marketing campaigns easy to coordinate.”

"Having worked with Buzz Education since 2014, their support in our marketing has really helped London Transport Museum to remain at the forefront of teachers' minds. Each year, we are visited by 20,000 school children and the work of Buzz Education is a key driver towards this.

All campaigns we run see a spike in our bookings and the project management by Buzz Education ensures we can work efficiently on giving our visitors the perfect experience."



London Transport Museum

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