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Living Streets

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Building good relationships with schools and colleges starts with great content and regular communication

Our long-term brand building strategies are a brilliant way for charities to establish and develop crucial connections with teachers and decision makers. Particularly when combined with creative input from the Buzz Education design team!

We’ve been working with Living Streets for some time now, and have been delighted to hear about the outstanding results we’ve helped them to achieve.

The goal

The goal

As the UK’s everyday walking charity, Living Streets wants to increase the number of children who walk to school – energising them, empowering them, helping them to maintain an active lifestyle, and make walking to school a natural and easy choice.

Living Streets offer a fantastic range of resources, designed to get children excited about walking to school. They also run a series of events throughout the year, including the popular Walk to School Week.

Living Streets wanted an effective way to market their resources and events in a timely manner, as well as a way to communicate relevant education news at short notice.

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The strategy

The strategy

We started by developing a plan that would help Living Streets get the most value out of their budget.

We came up with a strategy that would allow them to market to schools throughout the school year at key times, but also be responsive to new developments as they happened.

We continued to offer advice and guidance throughout their campaigns. And a dedicated Campaign Manager helped them to interpret the results of each email broadcast, to find out what was working and what could be better.

The Buzz Education team also advised on the most appropriate audience of teaching and non-teaching staff for tailored marketing messages.

Living Streets were so pleased with the performance of the email design created by our creative team that they opted to use the same design template for all campaigns.

"Excellent! We love the template!

With every email campaign, whether scheduled months in advance or at the 11th hour, they've provided valuable advice and done their utmost to get the email out when we need it."

Kim Creus

Kim Creus

Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Living Streets

The results

The results

“The service provided by Buzz Education helped us to completely sell out of Walk to School Week activity packs, ensuring children around the country took part.

Judging by the congratulatory emails we received from the team they were as pleased about this as we were.”

"We’ve worked with Buzz Education for some years now and without fail we’ve experienced brilliant, friendly and un-intrusive customer service.

I especially want to thank Sophie for bearing with us and offering multiple email campaign packages to meet our strict budgets, and all the while never faltering with her friendly responses. We look forward to working with the team for many more years to come."

Kim Creus

Kim Creus

Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Living Streets

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