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We love hearing how our data is used by our clients to create and build lasting relationships with schools

We invest a lot in making sure our data is the best in the industry. Our confidence in it is reflected in our 99% accuracy guarantee.

What’s more, we work hard to make it as user friendly as possible, and offer bespoke data lists that reflect our clients’ needs.

We are proud to say that Galina International Study Tours are one of those clients.

The goal

The goal

Galina had previously worked with an outsourced marketing company, paying a regular fee for the broadcast of email campaigns to schools. The cost of this was becoming prohibitive and they never had sight of the data, so approached a number of agencies in the education marketing sector with a view to taking a different approach.

The aim was to source data which would allow them to manage their own email marketing campaigns, and continue to generate enquiries from schools interested in booking study tours and trips.

Galina chose to work with Buzz Education, as they were impressed with
our personal touch and transparency throughout the enquiry process.

The strategy (part 1)

The strategy (part 1)

Buzz Education were able to supply Galina with core data for schools in their target areas, supplemented with key data including decision makers across multiple subjects. As Galina’s tours are attended by a wide range of subject areas, it was crucial that they were able to access the key contacts in each of these.

What’s more, the data supplied is updated in real time, meaning Galina can always get their hands on accurate, up to date data for schools that has been verified and checked.

"We have been using Buzz Education's services for a couple of years now and have found their data to be very up-to-date and accurate.

It is also great to find a company who is both professional and pleasant to deal with. Nothing is too much trouble"

Siobhan Kane

Siobhan Kane

Galina International Study Tours

The results

The results

“Using the data supplied by Buzz Education, we are able to continually market to schools, teachers and decision makers in key subject areas. These campaigns form a core element of our education marketing strategy, and ensure our Study Tours remain popular and well attended.

The campaigns generate continual leads for our sales team to nurture, and also allow us to build our brand in schools.”

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The strategy (part 2)

The strategy (part 2)

When Galina came to renew the contract for their existing email marketing platform, they found that the prices had gone up significantly.

As they already had their data with us, they approached us to see if we could help.

We were very happy to introduce them to Staff-Room, the email sending solution from Buzz Education.

Not only did Staff-Room offer significant savings for Galina, but it came with all the features they needed to implement a successful ongoing email marketing strategy.

The results

The results

“We have used the segments which are very useful and plan to create more. We have also found some of the templates already in the platform quite inspiring & have found it helpful when getting ideas for email designs.”

"Not only is Staff-Room half the price of the previous company we used, the design quality of the emails we can send is excellent, simple to get to grips with and with helpful customer support.

We wish we had discovered this platform sooner!"

Siobhan Kane

Siobhan Kane

Galina International Study Tours

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