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Age of Revolution

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Our expertly designed multi-channel marketing campaigns help businesses build long-term relationships with UK teachers.

We were delighted to help Age of Revolution expand their reach and generate awareness of their free learning resources.

We used a multi-channel marketing approach to send a series of emails to teachers across the UK, followed by a stand-out postal marketing campaign to increase brand awareness. 

The goal

The goal

The Age of Revolution is an education legacy project that offers teachers digital resources and activities focused around the period of revolution. Their resources help teachers bring the classroom to life for pupils in primary and secondary schools, and post-16 colleges.

The team at Age of Revolution were looking for an experienced education marketing specialist to help them run a multi-channel marketing campaign to teachers in UK schools.

Although they’d been managing their own marketing to schools for some time, they were keen to improve their strategy. They wanted to access accurate and insightful campaign analytics to enhance their campaigns and drive traffic to their free learning resources.

During their search for the perfect marketing to schools partner, the team at Age of Revolution checked out the case studies on our website. They were really impressed by our extensive list of clients and they couldn’t wait to see how we could help them. 

Our customer campaign strategist, Charlotte, gained an in-depth understanding of Age of Revolution’s marketing objectives before recommending suitable campaign options.

They chose our Buzz Expert package which included a series of 6 email campaigns sent over 3 months, plus a follow-up postal marketing campaign.

The email campaign

The email campaign

To make sure the campaigns reached their targets, we recommended sending them directly to key decision makers’ inboxes. Our data team provided 16,277 direct email addresses for heads of history and history teachers, key stage 1 and key stage 2 coordinators and teachers, heads of years 7 to 13 and heads of sixth form. 

Our talented copywriting and design team crafted and built a series of visually striking emails promoting Age of Revolution’s educational resources and curriculum-linked activities.

After each email campaign, our campaign manager created an in-depth campaign report which included the open and click-through rates for each campaign. 

We also supplied a top prospects file of the specific teachers who engaged with each email. Age of Revolution used this to create the mailing list for their postal marketing campaign to make sure interested teachers received further information.

The direct mail campaign

The direct mail campaign

Our creative team designed, printed and dispatched the postal marketing campaign which included a skillfully written cover letter and a stand-out A4 leaflet.

We also suggested including a QR code in the letter which teachers could quickly scan to access their free learning resources.

"Buzz Education were very easy to work with.
They worked closely with us to create a campaign that genuinely reflected the ethos of the Age of Revolution project, taking the lead when needed but also leaving room for our input."

Anna Husband

Anna Husband

Age of Revolution

The results

The results

The team at Age of Revolution reported a dramatic increase in their open and click through rates compared with their own marketing campaigns.

They achieved above average open and click through rates across all of their campaigns with the highest open rate at 27.85% and the highest click through rate at 102.16%. This meant that teachers had clicked on their emails multiple times and expressed a clear interest in their free learning resources.

As an immediate and direct response to the direct mail campaign, Age of Revolution received 357 requests for their Top Trumps cards. 

What they said

What they said

I would definitely recommend Buzz Education – excellent from start to finish.

The service from the team felt very personal and responsive, and they were efficient and reliable at every turn.

The email campaign made a significant difference in helping us reach and engage with schools right across the UK.”

Anna Husband, Age of Revolution

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