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the future is looking bright for education suppliers. We know that schools and teachers are
engaging with the right marketing, and school finances are in a fantastic position.

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About Time Marketing

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Our accurate schools data will get your marketing seen by the right school decision makers every time.

We know our clients enjoy working with us which is why many of them continue to choose us as their marketing to schools partner year after year.

We’re proud to have provided About Time Marketing with schools data since 2019 and built a strong relationship in the process.

The goal

The goal

About Time Marketing is a marketing agency that partners with Buzz Education on behalf of their client. They wanted to connect with UK schools and generate regular bookings for their client’s primary school trips.

To do this they needed accurate and reliable schools data, which would get them in front of the right school decision makers.

When they first approached us in 2019, Sophie, our customer campaign strategist, answered all of their questions with full transparency and provided them with a detailed, no obligation proposal. This meant they could review the information and make a decision in their own time.

This, along with our competitive price, were the reasons they chose Buzz Education as their marketing partner.

The strategy

The strategy

About Time Marketing uses Buzz Education’s email and postal schools data. They’ve found a mixture of these two marketing channels gets the best engagement rates for their client.

They send two postal campaigns a year and follow up in between these with email campaigns to the same targets.

To enhance their marketing, Sophie recommended that they add the names of head teachers, KS1 and KS2 coordinators, and KS1 and KS2 teachers to ensure their campaigns reach their target decision makers.

This means their postal campaigns will get passed directly to the named person. And we know that know 84% of email campaigns marked ‘FAO decision maker’s name’ get directly forwarded on to the named person.

We also used our filtering system to personalise the schools data, ensuring they only purchase and have access to data for the schools they need.

The results

The results

Our schools data has helped About Time Marketing build vital relationships and generate repeat bookings with teachers and schools on behalf of their client.

Our data is updated in real-time so it’s allowed them to run ongoing marketing campaigns to the right school decision makers, every time. This has kept their client at the top of teachers’ minds, increased their brand awareness and generated multiple repeat bookings.

"Working with Buzz Education is easy and 100% wonderful;
they are really friendly people."

Kate Bowyer

About Time Marketing

Use our schools data to connect with 30,000 UK schools

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