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the future is looking bright for education suppliers. We know that schools and teachers are
engaging with the right marketing, and school finances are in a fantastic position.

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Able Canopies

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A well thought out content plan, carried out over a period of time, is a brilliant way to engage teachers and decision makers, and start building those all-important relationships with schools

When your product is a high value item, it’s particularly important to take a
long-term view in your schools marketing.

An email won’t convince a teacher or decision maker to buy something they don’t want or need right at the moment. But over time, you can place your brand top of mind - ready for the day they decide to make that high value purchase!

This is the approach Able Canopies and Outdoor Projects have successfully taken with us over the past couple of years, and we’ve really enjoyed working with them.

The goal

The goal

Able Canopies and Outdoor Projects supply and install quality shade and shelter structures to schools across the UK.

Working extensively in the education sector already, they are specialists in the field, and they wanted to continue to build their education customer base.

They came to us with a desire to work with a partner who would help them to build strong ongoing relationships with schools over time.

"It is always a pleasure to work with Buzz Education,
the staff are helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. "

Abbie Bowmer

Abbie Bowmer

Able Canopies

The strategy

The strategy

We worked with Able Canopies to develop a clear, long-term campaign to promote their brand in UK schools.

They wanted to be able to target specific geographical areas and school types. Because our extensive schools database offers 19 different categories to segment by, that was no problem at all!

They created a selection of free resources for schools, which we built into the content plan as a great way to engage teachers, and establish a connection with the school. It’s important in a long-term plan to ensure that you are sending ‘value added’ content as well as sales information, and it was such a pleasure to help the team at Able Canopies carry out their content marketing.

Our creative team also created a series of email designs to help boost engagement.

"The team have given us lots of useful advice to ensure we get the most from our campaigns and it shows in the results.

We love the reports that they promptly send over, allowing us to evaluate and compare our campaigns efficiently."

Abbie Bowmer

Abbie Bowmer

Able Canopies

The results

The results

“Over the past couple of years, we have sent many email campaigns through Buzz Education and have had some great results and ROI from our campaigns.

We feel that our canopies, shade sails and shelters for schools have been effectively marketed by Buzz Education in a professional and stylish manner, and we would highly recommend them.”

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A multi-channel approach

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