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We’ve seen some big changes in education, and for education suppliers and marketing
to schools, over the last few months.

As most schools across the UK have now reopened to all pupils for the new academic year,
the future is looking bright for education suppliers. We know that schools and teachers are
engaging with the right marketing, and school finances are in a fantastic position.

Take a look at our Education Insights where you’ll find everything you need to know
about what’s happening in schools right now and what it means for education suppliers.

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Most importantly, please take care of yourselves and stay safe.

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Increase your engagement rates by 51%
with an expertly written marketing campaign

Engaging marketing content written by the education marketing experts

Engaging marketing content written by the education marketing experts

  • Specialist education marketing copywriters
  • Experienced email marketers
  • Engaging content written especially for your target audience
  • Proven to increase engagement rates
  • Full email reporting and analytics
  • Combine with email design for an all-round service

When we create your marketing content, you can be confident that it’ll encourage teachers and decision makers to really engage with your message.

Put simply, we know how to write content that works for schools and teachers!

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"The copywriting and design service was invaluable.
The team consulted with us on tone of voice, brand guidelines and other key information to create content that really reflected our brand."

Andrea Cross

Andrea Cross

Sovereign Education

What to expect

What to expect

Our talented Copywriters know what works in schools and how to make your emails appeal to teachers and decision makers.

They use psychological insights along with experience and knowledge of the education sector to create content that makes teachers and decision makers pay attention.

We’ll bring fresh perspective to your marketing campaign, and will offer advice on strategy, content and structure.

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The planning

The planning

Before we start creating your campaign, we’ll spend some time getting to know your brand and your campaign aims.

Our Copywriters will consult with you about your campaign and will discuss some ideas for the content strategy with you. They’ll then make some recommendations and develop a content strategy.

The content

The content

Once you’ve agreed on your approach, your Copywriter will start writing your campaign content. They’ll follow any brand guidelines you have and keep to the right tone of voice to represent your brand.

You’ll be asked to review the content and give any feedback or suggestions you have. We’ll work on the content until you’re 100% happy with it.

The next step

The next step

Once you’re happy with the content, your dedicated Campaign Manager will coordinate the next steps of your campaign.

If you’ve asked us to design your email campaign too, your Designer will start work on this now. Check out our design portfolio to see what we can do.

Your Campaign Manager will then coordinate the campaign broadcast at the time and date that you’ve agreed on, to the teachers and decision makers of your choice.

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Develop a comprehensive email marketing strategy to really make an impact with your marketing to schools: